Knight of the Year


This year the members of Alex Semel Council of the St. John of the Cross Knights of Columbus chose from their ranks four men who exemplified the tenets of the Knights of Columbus as well as the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Ken Roberts, Darryl O’Meallie, Eric Guttierrez and Ricky Suprean were the nominees for Knight of the Year. The membership voted Eric Guttierrez as this year’s Knight of the Year. Eric was presented his plaque on July 26, which was a perfect gift on his birthday. Eric is known for heading up our parish CYO with his wife Lizzy. Eric held the former recorder position with the Knights. Eric also has a tremendous participation all KC fish functions. Eric exemplifies the attributes of the Knight of the Year by his service to his Faith. Former Grand Knight David Guttierrez is extremely proud of his son.